Frequently Asked Questions

Vending Machines

You can contact our business team to get more details about the installation process. Tell us your requirements and types of csutomers/staff/emplyees you have, based on this we will suggest you the best configuration and install the machine at your site.

A vending Machine can be installed at various places like Corporates, colleges, hospitals, PGs, Co-working spaces, Co-living space, hostels, apartments, malls, airports, shopping complexes, railway stations, etc.

A Daalchini vending machines will cost you 1.5 lakhs if you are planning to buy one for your location. We also provide machines on a monthly rental basis where we charge rental starting from Rs.5000 up to Rs.15000.

Brands FAQs

You can become our brand partner and start selling and promoting your product through a large network of vending machines in India. You can start selling across multiple cities and states within 1 week only at prime locations like corporates, colleges, hospitals, etc.

Daalchini is an omni-channel platform for brands to list, sell and promote their products. Our large community of vending machines is a very powerful medium for brands to reach to their target customer across multiple cities with a week.

Daalchini has technology driven solutions and logistic facility which helps brands to scale rapidly in different cities at a very low cost as compared to other distribution channels.

Brand can select shelf and products based on location, target audience while leveraging the presence Daalchini community. Get Sales insights both Qualitative and quantitative User insights through sales & repeat pattern based on location demographics and customer feedback/reviews.

You can display digital content to evoke impulse purchasing and experience. Contact our team to know more.

Daalchini is efficient low-cost customer acquisition platform for D2C brands in offline. There are multiple benefits for a new or an established brand if they tie up with Daalchini. We have a strong network of automated kiosks which brands can use/leverage to increase their brand visibility and sales.

Daalchini helps in increasing the reach of the brands and their products, increase in sales and revenue and gaining the name and brand value within short period of time.

Franchise FAQs

You can become Daalchini franchise partner in 2 simple steps. Send us your basic details like city, your locations (if any), current occupation, initial investment, etc. Our team will get in touch with you to assist you further.

Daalchini provides end to end support to our franchise partners in setting up this vending machine business in their city or state. We help our partners in getting good locations, provide technology (apps & dashboard), vendor onboarding, customer support, and operations & warehouse management.

If you want to know more, contact us. Our dedicated team will help you to start your entrepreneurial journey.

You can start your franchise business at Rs.1.5 lakhs + a nominal franchisee fee. But we suggest our partners to start with 3-5 machines initially to get an idea about the sales, customer response and behavior, and profitability.

Customer’s FAQs

Vending Machines are like a 24*7 tuck shop. These are completely unmanned kiosks where anyone can buy the product in few simple steps.

Few major benefits of vending machines are contactless payment, self-operated kiosks, 24*7 operational, digital payments available, no delivery fee, no waiting time for delivery, Automated Refunds, and compact and easy to install.

We have multiple types of vending machines and you can get one based on your requirement. We have snack vending machines, food vending machines, mobility vending machines for cabs, vending machines for buses, smart fridges, etc. You can contact our team to get more details.

Yes, Daalchini provides vending machines on a monthly rental service. You will get a 24*7 tuck shop service with our smart automated kiosks. Monthly rental is around Rs.5000 and it depends on the kind of location, footfall, etc.

You can sell your D2C products very easily through our smart chain of vending machines. There is a listing fee which you will have to pay to start selling on the Daalchini platform.

You can partner with us as a Franchise partner in your city or state. Daalchini provides all the support required to start a vending machine business in India. Daalchini helps you with technology, vendors, operations, warehouse, and logistics management. Contact us to know more.

Daalchini franchise starts at INR 1.5 Lakhs onwards and have a low maintenance cost, one can have customization done as per the requirement.

For rentals, we charge monthly rent is around Rs.5000.